Up To Date Equipment

At ROW Equipment Incorporated we utilize the newest and latest models of equipment that is specialized to do right of way clearing, mowing, mulching and tree trimming. Our fleet includes: track feller bunchers, skidders, forwarders, log loaders, track chippers, track horizontal grinders, track mulchers, rubber tire mulchers, mowers, excavators with hydraulic thumbs, tree trimmers, trucks, lowboys, flatbeds, chip vans, log trailers etc.

Geographically Focused

ROW Equipment Incorporated's offerings include access to an on demand mat inventory that is geographically focused to accommodate customers from locations all across North America from sea to shining sea! Whether mats are needed for a day project or a large volume of mats is requested to purchase for a long term project, ROW Equipment offers options to buy, sell and rent both new and used mats. Call us today for pricing and availability!

Sales and Rental

ROW Equipment Incorporated is an expert in mat laydown and pick up. We have a division that specifically focuses on matting, clearing and environmental needs. We offer mats both new and used by the piece, truck or rail car and we are able to provide high volume orders shipped via rail anywhere across the country.

Contact Us

6422 Highway 84
Patterson, Ga. 31557

Phone: (912) 647-2092
Fax: (912) 647-0944